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VitaCig: Much more than just an e-cigarette

Vitacig? What is it? VitaCig® is an innovative tobacco-free, nicotine-free vitamin and essential oil inhalation, aromatherapy device. Instead of containing harmful substances, VitaCig® delivers vapor that is rich in taste, vitamins, natural aroma and organic plant constituents. VitaCig® embodies what you enjoy about smoking, but without the bad aftertaste, the tobacco smoke and the cigarette smell.

No harmful tar. Just natural ingredients + vapor. Furthermore, VitaCig® is visually appealing with its modern and clear design. It is far ahead of conventional e-cigarettes and provides natural aroma, water vapor, plant constituents and valuable vitamins. Below you can learn more about VitaCig®



Pure, clean vapor. With VitaCig® you only vaporize vitamins as well as natural and organic ingredients. VitaCig® is a great alternative to your classic cigarette. Just give it a try!



Classy design, vitamins and no unpleasant odour. VitaCig® can be used nearly everywhere – whether you find yourself in a club or a restaurant (please check with the establishment). It provides you with up to 500 puffs (depending upon the user) and afterwards can simply be disposed of. You need a break and don’t want to use it all the time? No problem at all – simply put it down and pick it up again whenever you want.



Each VitaCig® is made out of high-quality stainless steel and comes in five unique colors: Boisterous Berry (purple), Marvelous Mint (green), Cool Citrus (yellow), Vintage Vanilla (white), Charming Cherry (gold). Through special offers we will also be introducing new editions and flavors to our customers. VitaCig® combines a classy design with a modern touch – a colorful LED light comes on when you take a puff!



The six main flavors are blueberry (Boisterous Berry), eucalyptus/mint (Marvelous Mint), orange/grapefruit (Cool Citrus), green tea/vanilla (Vintage Vanilla) cherry/mint (Charming Cherry), and strawberry/mint (Succulent Strawberry). VitaCig® was developed in the US. All flavors are naturally obtained, which is reflected in the pleasant aroma of the vapor.



VitaCig, is shown to contain several key vitamins. As the bearing liquid vapourizes at just 60 degrees, it allows for the preservation of a small amount of the vitamins. TheVitaCig® vitamins may be absorbed via the mucose membrane of the oral cavity.

  • Classic
  • Succulent Strawberry
  • Cool Citrus
  • Marvelous Mint
  • Boisterous Berry
  • Vintage Vanilla
  • Charming Cherry
  • S-Edition
  • Surge
  • Stress
  • Slim
  • Sleep
  • Kama Sutra
  • Rejuvenate Spring Edition
Succulent Strawberry

VitaCig Succulent Strawberry

Our limited edition Succulent Strawberry naturally flavored VitaCig® combines the taste of fresh picked, ripe strawberries and the cool refreshing sensation of Menthol.


Fresh picked, ripe strawberries and the cool refreshing sensation of Menthol


Vitamin A – 1IU
Vitamin B12 – 1000 mcg
Vitamin C – 1000 mcg
Vitamin E – 1000 mcg
Coenzyme Q10 – 500 mcg
Menthol – 500 mcg

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Taste the Rainbow,,, VitaCig® style! The best of all worlds, our ” Rainbow Package ” value pack, includes all six of our amazing flavors. Six flavors, six experiences. Order now, and let us know which one is your favorite!


Tough time deciding on which of our amazing flavor choices to choose from? Start with our our ” All Time Favorites ” value pack. Which includes our ripe CHARMING CHERRY, soothing VINTAGE VANILLA and COOL CITRUS flavors.


So you picked your favorite flavor, now, be sure you don’t run out! Our ” Stack Pack ” value pack was designed with that goal in mind. A five-pack of your favorite flavor. So, stock up, and save today!

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