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Our Blog is something more than just information about our VitaCig products, essential oils and aromatherapy. The Blog is about Positive Thinking and how it can transform our lives, and even more. Join us today and stay positive, mindful and happy.

Our Blog
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What is VitaCig®?

VitaCig® is a portable TOBACCO-FREE, NICOTINE-FREE aromatherapy device, designed to deliver the flavoured water vapours created from vitamin enhanced liquids and natural essential oils.

VitaCig® applies time-tested holistic knowledge and experience of herbalism, in addition to using natural plants and fruit extracts, to assist your wellbeing and healthy lifestyle.

VitaCig® blends are bursting with flavours and mood enhancing effects, giving you a NEW safer and enjoyable inhalation experience.

Are VitaCig® Products Safe to use?

VitaCig® aroma inhalers are safe to use, because they do not contain any harmful substances. VitaCig® devices are FREE from nicotine, tobacco, tar and pollutants. But bear in mind, that VitaCig®products are not to be used as remedies, they are not intended to cure or treat any disease or condition.

Keep out of reach of children and pets. Avoid VitaCig® devices if you suffer from asthma or allergies. Do not use if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Freedom from Smoking

Staying smoke-free can be hard, but it allows you take greater control of your life. VitaCig® products embody what you enjoy about smoking, but without tobacco smoke, cigarette smell and bad aftertaste.

Breathe in through your mouth without necessarily letting it get into your lungs, pause for a moment and exhale through your nose. Breath in, breathe out! Just give it a try!

VitaCig® Concept

VitaCig® Concept is to bring you a good mood, positive vibrations and desire to lead a healthy lifestyle. “Smile and the World will smile back!” This is our slogan and our mantra. Always remember, that even one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!

Find your VitaCig®

Our ability to smell is the most powerful and the evocative of all the senses. During our lives we create unique connections between what we smell, what we feel, hear and see. VitaCig® aroma inhalers have been created, based on this incredible feature of our smell perception, to enable aromatic essential oils to work on mind, body and spirit, bringing a sense of inner balance and wellbeing.

Start exploring our Classic, S-Edition and Excalibur aroma inhalers and find your favourite VitaCig®.

Titan Power & VitaCig®

VitaCig® is represented and its products are distributed in Europe by Titan Power Ltd. We are an authorised distributor of VitaCig products in Europe.

VitaCig, Inc., a Florida technology company, engaged in manufacturing, marketing, distributing, and retailing nicotine-free vitamin and essential oil diffusers under the VitaCig trademark name.