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Boisterous Berry

VitaCig® Boisterous Berry delivers full-bodied aroma of delicious wild berries. Blueberry and Black Current scents are the perfect way to awaken your instincts for a healthier lifestyle. Enjoy the VitaCig® Boisterous Berry at the end of a hard-working day, or just hanging out and chilling with your friends.

Charming Cherry

VitaCig® Charming Cherry has a unique flavor, enriched with fresh Tart Cherry extract and natural invigorating Mint to arouse your senses, and helps get you through the day. With its sleek, stylish, exclusive golden color, VitaCig® Charming Cherry will be welcome at any party.

Cool Citrus

VitaCig® Cool Citrus gives you refreshing sweet flavor of ripe Florida oranges and grapefruits, stimulates and energizes you with each taste. The perfect way to wake up in the morning, or anytime you want to feel vitalized. Cool Citrus is reviving and uplifting, enhancing feelings of wellbeing.

Marvelous Mint

VitaCig® Marvelous Mint brings you a long-lasting fresh feeling with Mint and Eucalyptus flavor, helps revitalize the senses, pleasantly refreshes your breath and leaves some sweetness on the lips.

Succulent Strawberry

VitaCig® Succulent Strawberry combines the aroma of fresh picked ripe Strawberries and the refreshing sensation of Cool Mint. Strawberries are exotic both in taste and in smell, and the perfect fruit that symbolizes youth, romance, and the warm summer months.

Tropical Twist

VitaCig® Focus incorporates a cup of coffee flavor.

Vintage Vanilla

VitaCig® Vintage Vanilla allows you to forget everyday life for a little bit, bringing calmness and peace with its classic aroma of Pure Vanilla and subtle taste of Matcha Green Tea. Have the perfect treat in the morning, noon, or night with VitaCig® Vintage Vanilla.

Watermelon Wave

VitaCig® Focus incorporates a cup of coffee flavor.


VitaCig® Focus incorporates a cup of coffee flavor.

Kama Sutra

VitaCig® Kama Sutra brings the exotic, highly floral aroma with hint of spicy cinnamon, helps arouse your senses and desires. This is a revolutionary all new “love potion” in a vape pen.

Max Menthol

VitaCig® Max Menthol brings powerful arctic Mint aroma, gives you that refreshing lift you need to get through the day. VitaCig® Max Menthol acts as the perfect natural minty freshener for your breathe and mind.


VitaCig® SLEEP blends the soothing aroma of Lavender with a hint of Vanilla. It intended for use when you are ready to relax, meditate, unwind, or go to sleep. Valerian, Lemon and Neroli Oil extracts help to increase the effect. Lack of sleep weakens the immune system, slows reaction times and makes you more prone to depression, anxiety and low mood.


VitaCig® SLIM delivers a delicate taste of passion fruit, stimulates appetite suppression and a healthy metabolism. VitaCig® Slim is for those who are trying to lose weight and at the same time maintain a wonderful mood.


VitaCig® STRESS plunges you in a chocolate mood with a hint of refreshing mint. VitaCig® Stress encourages stress relief, brings calm and peace to your body and mind.


VitaCig® SURGE brings the smooth, delicious taste and excellent aroma of tender juicy ripe Mangoes, with a hint of refreshing, cool Mint, incorporating a proprietary blend of fruit extracts, plants, and amino acids, commonly used to encourage and help stimulate energy production.


VitaCig® Rejuvenate provides distinctive aroma of garden roses, brings emotional and energetic balance, it is perfect for those looking to support revitalization and rejuvenation.

Honey Tobacco

Inspired by the flavors of the South, VitaCig® Honey Tobacco incorporates a light touch smooth tobacco flavor.

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