Is VitaCig Addictive?

One of the additional benefits of using nicotine free VitaCig is that they are NOT addictive. According to the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services, “Nicotine, found in all tobacco products, is a highly addictive drug that acts in the brain and throughout the body.”

By leaving nicotine out you never have to worry about becoming addicted to the ingredients in our products. You can use the product safely as much or as little as you like.

How Much Use Can I Get Out of Each VitaCig?

Each traditional VitaCig provides you with approximately 400 – 500 puffs, depending upon the user. When your VitaCig is finished you can simply throw it away. Since we at VitaCig want to help protect the environment, we encourage our users to recycle their used VitaCigs. Our Excalibur Capsule Rechargeable line uses a cartridge system and can be charged and used again and again. Each cartridge provides around 300 activation.

What is the VitaCig Standard?

We at VitaCig hold ourselves to the highest possible standard for quality and product development. No corners are cut. No step is skipped to ensure that your VitaCig experience is the best possible. Some of what we emphasize includes:

  • We use natural essential oils, extracts, and ingredients
  • Our formula was designed completely in the US
  • No nicotine, tobacco or tar in the nicotine free range
  • No diacetyl, MaxVG proprietary formula
  • Production takes place exclusively in GMP-certified, clinically pure FDA approved cleanrooms to ensure purity
  • By holding ourselves to this higher standard you will know that you are safe in our hands.

Can I Customize My VitaCig Experience?

Of course! We offer a variety of flavors and aromas so you can choose a pairing that enlivens your unique senses.

There are currently six flavors in the classic series to choose from:

  • Blueberry – Blackberry: Boisterous Berry
  • Mint – Eucalyptus: Marvelous Mint
  • Orange – Grapefruit: Cool Citrus
  • Green tea – Vanilla: Vintage Vanilla
  • Cherry – Mint: Charming Cherry
  • Strawberry – Mint: Succulent Strawberry

Regardless of your personal preferences you can find a VitaCig to fall in love with. Or maybe you will love them all!

In addition to our traditional flavors you can choose from one of the six Special-Edition, or, S-Edition blends. These currently include:

  • VitaCig Surge – extra B12 with Energy Complex
  • VitaCig Stress – relaxing effect with Frankincense Oil
  • VitaCig Slim – inhalable weight management aid
  • VitaCig Sleep – calming ingredients, like Valerian and Melatonin
  • VitaCig Rejuvenate – with natural Rose, Jasmine and Geronium Oil
  • VitaCig Kama Sutra – Intimacy Mood Enhancer with Cinnamon Bark Oil

Each of the S-Edition aroma therapeutic blends has a unique combination of vitamins and ingredients that will help you find the results you are looking for.

The Science Behind VitaCig

Renowned U.S. physician Dr. Khary Bryan developed VitaCig technology in 2014. What he discovered through his research was that it was very possible to use this innovative water vaporization technology to vitamin and essential oil inhalation. We then tested the technology, perfected our device and VitaCig became the first and original electronic vitamin and essential oil diffuser brought to market.

The Technology Behind VitaCig

While VitaCig has some things in common with the technology used for other e-cigarettes, we use a proprietary process to make sure you have the best possible experience. Each VitaCig is powered by a safe recyclable lithium-ion battery. When you want to use your VitaCig you simply draw on the mouthpiece and enjoy the experience.

We make sure that can fully enjoy each VitaCig by offering a slim, streamlined product with an airtight vacuum with each inhalation. Our air intake is registered by a highly sensitive micro-sensor that activates the battery only for the length of time it takes for one inhalation. The battery then heats a tiny coil to the perfect temperature for the natural VitaCig flavored water vapor to gently evaporate. The result is a small puff of steam that is diffused to the rear of the unit, and allows you to enjoy your VitaCig.

Is VitaCig Really Better than Smoking?

Yes! There are plenty of vaping and e-cig products on the market that claim to be the healthiest alternative to traditional cigarette smoking. The problem is that many of them still include harmful toxic chemicals and addictive ingredients like nicotine.

What we have done is essentially create the anti-cigarette. We get it, you like to smoke. It’s relaxing and enjoyable. The problem is that the relaxation you get from smoking or vaping is not worth the price you pay in terms of your health. VitaCig might just be the answer you are looking for. All the pleasure of smoking but with the health benefits of vitamins and essential oils.

The Bottom Line

We at VitaCig have found a way of taking what you love about smoking and turned it into a healthier experience. Our tobacco and nicotine-free product offers our users a way to relax and unwind while adding vitamins, essential oils and aromatherapy to your day. Instead of inhaling potentially harmful tar and dangerous ingredients you can enjoy our vapor full of flavor, vitamins and a pleasant scent. VitaCig might just be the way to a happier you.

If you want to learn more about our product range visit the Shop and choose your favorite VitaCig flavor.

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