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So you found your way here to the VitaCig blog and the first question you are probably asking is what exactly, is a VitaCig??? Is it a vitamin supplement? Is it is a vape? Is it aromatherapy?

The honest answer is it is all three! VitaCig is a tobacco-free and nicotine-free vitamin and essential oil inhalation, aromatherapy diffuser. Instead of inhaling harmful chemicals and dangerous ingredients you can enjoy water vapors full of flavor, vitamins, amino acids, herbal concentrates, and a pleasant, aromatic scent. The world’s first electronic personal vitamin enriched essential oil water vapor aroma therapeutic diffuser, VitaCig for short!

What Exactly is VitaCig?

VitaCig has the feel of many other types of cig-alike products, but that is as far as the comparison goes. VitaCig’s features a sleek, classy, and colorful design, featuring a high end LED crystal tip. Perfect for use in the home, work, or out with friends. As opposed to using harmful ingredients (like tobacco, Diacetyl, nicotine and tar) we only use natural plant constituents, vitamins, and other healthy ingredients. So you see, VitaCig is way more than your average e-cigarette. It is a vaping product, and vitamin/essential oil inhalation device AND an aromatherapy tool all in one. So, it not only serves as a healthier alternative to the traditional cigarette, it also offers a calorie-free, guilt free pleasure experience for those who want to try something new to get them through the day.

How Does VitaCig Work?

The VitaCig is powered by a CE and UL certified recyclable lithium-ion battery. Drawing on the mouthpiece of the VitaCig®, a vacuum is produced, inhaling health on each train you take. The air intake is registered by a highly sensitive micro sensor. This sensor activates the battery for the duration of the vacuum pull. The battery heats a coil at the front end to the optimum temperature for the natural VitaCig® water vapors to gently evaporate. The steam produced in this case diffuses into the rear of the unit, and thus passes directly to you.

If you want to learn more about our product range visit the Shop and choose your favorite VitaCig flavor.

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