What’s In VitaCig?

The VitaCig® device is designed to deliver the vapor of vitamins A, B, C, E, Coenzyme Q10, terpenes, and phytonutrients via direct inhalation. It uses water vaporization technology to deliver refreshing flavored water vapors created from vitamins and therapeutic essential oils.

It’s not just what IS in VitaCig that makes it so unique it’s also what we left out. We left out harmful or addictive ingredients like tobacco, tar, nicotine, and Diacetyl, and replaced those elements with water vapors full of natural flavors, vitamins, amino acids, and herbal concentrates to give our users a more unique and healthier inhalation experience. For more on how water vaporization technology works visit

Why is VitaCig Helpful?

There are a number of advantages of VitaCig when compared to traditional cigarettes or with other e-cigarette and vaping products available on the market. By leaving out many harmful ingredients and replacing them with vitamins and essential oils, you can do something good for your body. These are just a few of the highlights of what sets VitaCig apart in a sea of vaping products:

  • VitaCig is a much better alternative to smoking cigarettes or traditional artificially flavored e-cigarettes.
  • Our nicotine free products do not include dangerous or addictive ingredients like tar, nicotine, tobacco, and Diacetyl.
  • VitaCig is enriched with vitamins, essential oils, and plant extracts
  • As part of a replacement or cessation therapy strategy VitaCig can help you kick your smoking and oral fixation habit
  • VitaCig lets you keep what you enjoy about smoking, but without the unpleasant smells and tastes
  • VitaCig diffusers are convenient, pre-filled, easy to use, easy to carry

Why Aromatherapy?

One of the cool features that VitaCig offers users is that it can be used as an aromatherapy device. Hundreds of research studies have shown that aromatherapy can be effective in treating everything from headaches to infections. We took these findings to heart and made sure that this feature was front and center. In addition to the awesome flavors you will also be pleasantly surprised by the wonderful aromas that come with each activation. Your spouse or partner doesn’t have to suffer that nasty cigarette smell on your breath, clothes, or in your car. VitaCig allows you to surround yourself in pleasing flavors and scents.

If you want to learn more about our product range visit the Shop and choose your favorite VitaCig flavor.

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